Do you feel like you have it all: a house to live in, a partner and maybe a few kids, a good job, a car, mates to hang out with, and the occasional getaway? Yet none of what you have make any difference, because you feel nothing. There is a sense of emptiness, an unfulfillment, a constant voice in your head that tells you “You are a bloody failure as a man, because you just keep screwing up.” Did your dad ever tell you that? Was it something your boss criticised you for? Perhaps it’s the constant nagging from partner.


You go to work in a job you hate, or you are struggling to keep your business alive. Whatever it is, you have lost your sense of self and the energy to keep going. All you feel is rage and disillusionment.


You sit in traffic, blasting your music, hoping that it will drown your thoughts, frustration and rage. You get home to whinging and nagging from your wife or partner, screaming kids, chores not done, and a noisy house which you can’t switch off from.


You have couple of drinks or more, or do a line, or self-medicate, just so you could numb the confusion, frustration and depression inside you. When it is finally still and quiet, you crawl into bed feeling worthless, like you have failed - as a father, husband, partner, son or mate.



You lie awake at night wondering where it all went wrong. You dream of the day when you truly know what you want to achieve in life, to actually appreciate what you have – the people you love, your home, your career, your passions, your dreams, desires and goals.


You dream of having the courage to break down the barriers society puts on you as a man, and the resilience to stand up for yourself in the face of criticism and stigma. You want to own and create your reality. You long to take charge of your life.


Bro, you can have it all, but by not doing nothing about it, you’ll never find the courage and resilience to take charge and live the life you truly want. You struggle to see how that could happen though. You are just feeling totally unmotivated, depressed and defeated. Everything just seems impossible.

It’s not your fault and you’re not alone. There is a solution specifically designed for blokes like you to find the answers to your pain you are going through, where you have lost your sense of direction and purpose in life, feeling low, unconfident and lacking any self-esteem. There is a way out of this mess, and starts with standing up to the expectations people have of you as a man.

Personal Life Coach and
Mental Health First Aid Instructor


A Personal Development Life Coaching Program for Blokes 

Let me be your personal life coach and mentor who will hold you accountable to YOURSELF. I will show you and coach you along your journey to:

  • identify what is not working for you  in your life 

  • identify and let go of what your fears, past hurts, regrets and challenges are

  • discover your strengths and support system

  • map your goals and make sure they are specific, measureable, realistic, achieveable within a decent time frame

  • (re)discover your confidence, courage and resilience to be who you truly are, and to break down societal pressures and expectations

  • develop a roadmap to living your life purpose to the fullest.

How does Be The Better Man work?


  • The program is delivered across 12 stages, and usually run once a week across 12 weeks.

  • Sessions are conducted face-to-face if you're in Perth WA, or via video-conferencing (e.g. Whatsapp video call).

  • Most times, people may stumble on some significant and challenging issues (e.g. working through past issues) so that step may take more than a week.

What is my investment for Be The Better Man?


  • The financial investment for you is A$120.00 per session.

  • With a minimum of 12 sessions in order to reap the results of the program, payment is made in blocks of 4 sessions, i.e. A$480.00. 

  • That will be a minimum total of 3 blocks for the program.

  • The larger investment on your part is your commitment to change - to ensure you allocate time and energy into your homework, and into making sure you are proactive in implementing the tools from the program. This will maximise the return on investment and value for money for the program.

How will you be supporting me to Be The Better Man?


  • I hold all the fellas I work with accountable for the work they are doing for themselves. 

  • You will be given reasonable 'homework' to focus on for the week, and I will track on your progress across the week.

  • You will receive a program manual and workbook to guide you through.

  • We will reflect on how you have been tracking at the next session - identify what has or hasn't been working, and make further joint decisions on what the next steps will be.

Contact me today so we can have a chat about how I can help you get back on track!

Call 0411 983 888 or send me an email via the Contact form.


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