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Bro, when life gets tough, getting help doesn’t need to be. Depression affects everyone differently. Whether you’re dealing with depression, loneliness, grief, or extreme stress that’s affecting your health, it’s important to have easy access to help when you need it. For some people, that means therapymedication, or a combination of both. For others, a mobile app may provide a valuable separate or complementary option for tackling depressive symptoms.The perks? No insurance, traveling, or appointments necessary. Discretion and convenience are key. If you’re interested in exploring new ways to manage your mental health, check out BROS GLOBAL's picks for the best depression apps of 2019. Access self-tests and treatment programs 24/7 on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer to better understand and tackle the challenges you face. It doesn't matter where you are. These apps are downloadable or accessible online. 



myCompass is free online, interactive self-help program for people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress.. myCompass is designed to address mild to-moderate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression through personalised treatments delivered entirely online. Its core features include fourteen different interactive learning activities and a lifestyle tracking feature to help users better understand themselves and learn strategies to improve their mental health.

Click here to visit the website:

Download the myCompass brochure here.


Beyond Now

Beyond Blue has developed Beyond Now, an easy-to-use suicide safety planning app for smartphones that provides a convenient way for people to develop a personalised safety plan. The app makes creating and using a safety plan easy by guiding someone through the steps one-by-one, offering suggestions for each step. It can be updated or edited anytime and offers the option of sharing it with support people. 

Beyond Now is free to download from the Apple Store or Google Play. If you don’t have a smartphone or would prefer to use your desktop or laptop, Beyond Now is also available to use online. Read more about it here.

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ReMinder Suicide Safety Plan

The ReMinder Suicide Safety Plan helps you to create a simple suicide safety plan, that can be accessed at any time on your phone. A suicide safety plan can help to keep you safe when you are feeling low or suicidal.


Your plan will remind you of reasons to live and connect you with the people and services who can help during the tough times. The App has been designed to be part of an overall mental health strategy and is not intended to be used in isolation. The ReMinder Suicide Safety Plan has been developed by On the Line, a social health business with over 60 years’ experience delivering mental health services, including Suicide Call Back Service.

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Headgear (Designed for blokes' mental health)

HeadGear is an app designed by mental health experts to help men connect with their values and cope better with stress. The prevalence of depression and anxiety among Australians is high and often goes unrecognised, in particular, among men, in male dominated industries.The HeadGear smartphone application provides workers with a simple, engaging and anonymous way to assess and monitor their mental health. The app assesses individuals’ risk for future mental health issues and guide users through a tailored 30-day mental health challenge that aims to increase wellbeing and reduce their risk of future mental health problems.

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Moodpath - Depression & Anxiety Test

Unsure of what your moods mean? Moodpath offers a mental health assessment that can help you make the judgement call about exploring professional treatment. Unlike other assessments that ask you to reflect on the past two weeks, Moodpath asks you in-the-moment questions over a series of 14 days to weigh your emotional well-being. The app is geared toward facilitating conversations with a professional, but you can also find more than 150 exercises and tools to work on your mental health within the app.

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

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App developers harnessed the power of artificial intelligence for good in this AI assistant for managing depression. Here’s how it works: Chat back and forth with your assistant, who asks prompts that encourage you to think about your thought patterns and behaviors. The app walks you through techniques you may need in the moment based on your responses. It then summarizes your conversations and interactions into insights that help you understand more about your emotional well-being.

Price: Free with in-app purchases. Only on Apple Store.

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Black Dog Institute’s Snapshot is an app that allows Australian adults to measure and monitor mental health and lifestyle factors that influence wellbeing. Based on your responses, it also provides general advice on how to improve your health and wellbeing and offers recommendations for where you could seek help and support.

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One of the goals for managing stress- and anxiety-induced depression is to manage how you feel when everything feels uncontrollable. This app can greatly diminish the stress and anxiety that you may be dealing with using meditation. Headspace: Meditation assists you in taking a few moments out of your day to simply be more mindful. It walks you through a meditation process that will help you de-stress and take some of the weight off your shoulders. Furthermore, taking a moment to do nothing can really boost your energy. 

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iBobbly (App for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander)

iBobbly is a social and emotional wellbeing self-help app for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians aged 15 years and over.  Completely private and confidential, it helps by showing you ways to manage your thoughts and feelings, as well as how to decide what is important in your life.


Importantly, everything that is seen, heard and experienced in the app is shaped by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to ensure that iBobbly is culturally informed and safe.

Click here to watch a video on iBobbly.

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