Simon was a fantastic trainer with great insight and knowledge.


The course was very informative and thorough. It covered a lot of needed material required to fully understand the headspace of people with different types of mental illness, and how to assist them without judgement.


Simon is a genuine and warm instructor, passionate and knowledgeable.


Simon was great at how he presented the course and encouraged our participation. 


The course was very informative, educational and very interactive, including all participants. Well structured which made it easier to follow. Simon has a great personality, and made it very comfortable.


The two days were extremely insightful into all types of mental illnesses. I feel much more comfortable addressing these issues if I come across them. Simon's delivery was excellent.


Excellent course covering basics of mental health. Simon made it very interesting and I was able to relate the content to my personal situation.



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BROS GLOBAL acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we are established.

BROS GLOBAL recognises diverse communities who, through their lived experiences, help to guide our research, resources and training development for men's mental health, wellbeing and personal development.

BROS GLOBAL respectfully acknowledges those who have died or have been affected by suicide or intentional self-harm. We are committed to ensuring our work continues to inform improvements in both community awareness and prevention of suicide and self-harm.

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