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Simon was a fantastic trainer with great insight and knowledge.


The course was very informative and thorough. It covered a lot of needed material required to fully understand the headspace of people with different types of mental illness, and how to assist them without judgement.


Simon was respectful, motivational, well-versed, and thorough in all aspects of this training seminar. He had an excellent knowledge of the subject matter. He inspired confidence and inspired the group to go forth and tackle issues of the future they may encounter in both work and personal lives. He was honest and knew his limits. His ‘reading the room skills’ are first class, knowing when to change tact and energy to keep the group engaged. Probably one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of witnessing over many, many



The course was very informative, educational and very interactive, including all participants. Well structured which made it easier to follow. Simon has a great personality, and made it very comfortable.


The two days were extremely insightful into all types of mental illnesses. I feel much more comfortable addressing these issues if I come across them. Simon's delivery was excellent.


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