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Bro, here is a list of recommended podcasts I have sourced which talks about mental health, particularly for men. While talking about mental health, therapy and mental illness is still relatively taboo across several communities globally, there are some incredible trailblazers out there who are helping to break the stigma. The more we speak up about these topics, the less taboo they become. What better way to openly talk about mental health to a large audience than through a podcast? Check them out, and do send me a message if you have come across podcasts that you recommend that we add to this page for your fellow Bros. Click on the podcast name or icon to access them.

Some of the things spoken about in these podcasts, particularly around depression and suicide, may be distressing to some of you. If you or someone you know find this content distressing and require assistance, please contact the mental health support and suicide helpline in your respective city from our BROS Global Referrals Page here. If your city is not listed, Google "emergency + depression + suicide + helpine + your city".


Movember Podcasts

We talk about the real shit. The everyday reality faced by the modern man. In conversations with inspirational people from across the globe, we hear real stories about dealing (and sometimes not dealing) with life’s challenges, drawing out the tools that lead to a happier, healthier and longer life.


Mental Health For Men

This is a series of podcasts created by Mathew Hamilton who provides some down-to-earth practical advice & information on mental health. Mathew speaks from personal experience on the topic of anxiety, panic attacks & depression.


Blokepedia Podcast

Join host Brendan Keane as he speaks with a range of guests on the topics that are impacting the lives of men in today’s society. Themes of discussion will include mental health, relationships, resilience, and communication.



Be A Man

What does it mean to be a man? For generations, we’ve been raised to believe that to ‘be a man’ we must be strong, brave and stoic but the stereotype is stopping us from asking for help. Now, it’s time to redefine our own perception of masculinity. Join Gus Worland (Triple M Grill Team co-host ) and Dr Tim Sharp (The Happiness Institute) as they explore topics including health, career, women, sexuality, social media and the taboos surrounding mental health.



The Depression Files

Interviews of men who have dealt with depression. Educating some, supporting others, and chipping away at the stigma! Al Levin, M.Ed. is an urban public school administrator. Since having been through two major bouts of depression, he is become a passionate mental health advocate with a blog and podcast. His podcast consists of interviews of men who have struggled with depression. 

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XY is a show about mental health in men. Through a series of interviews with chart topping musicians, actors, models, directors and influencers (to name a few) we'll discuss why men have such a problem when it comes to their mental health and try to get listeners to feel more open themselves.



Men Talk Health

Join Davey, Damian and their friends as they open up about their mental health. Full of humour and honesty, talking about mental health has never been so funny.



Young Blood : Men's Health Matters

Young blood is a podcast about young men's health, sponsored by the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health. Your podcast host is young blood and Journalist Callum McPherson.  Callum's mission is to talk about stuff that matters and isn't talked about enough. Callum sadly lost a close friend to suicide earlier this year and this podcast series is dedicated to his mate.  



BBC Sounds Radio 1's Life Hacks Podcast: Male Suicide

The tragic suicide of Mike Thalassitis from UK's Love Island reality TV show has sparked conversation in the media about mental health and suicide among young men. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Katie and Dr Radha are joined by our very own Cel Spellman and Emma Fairhurst from suicide prevention charity Papyrus and former Love Island contestant Dr Alex join the team to give their perspectives.



Man Talk

Welcome to Man Talk, the podcast from Jamie Day (@adayinthelifedad) which is helping to normalise conversations around men’s mental health. S1 saw Jamie talk to guests about their personal experiences with mental ill health. In S2 he aims to offer helpful advice to sufferers by looking at different ways of tackling issues via expert opinions. It is produced in support of Movember, who are changing the face of men’s health through global projects.



The Mouth of Manliness -  with Brad Acton and Nick Noise

A no holds bard peak into the world of two men’s take on whatever it takes to be a human in this day and age. Expect a lighthearted take on cancer, kids, music, work and everything in-between.



Man Up! UK Men's Mental Health Podcast

UK Men's mental health podcast with Andy Richardson, Tommy Danquah and guests. Aiming to get men talking about mental health more.


Obsidian Proejct.jpg

The Obsidian Project (formerly F<3K Su|C|De Podcast)

The Obsidian Project / F<3K Su|C|De Podcast was started in 2019 by Joey O'Dell (Instagram: @ohh_dell). The podcast talks to everyday people about their battles with mental health, their lives and situations that may help others out there suffering from any similar situations. The lack of real conversations about mental health is a dilemma that leaves people suffering, thinking they are all alone, with no way out. The The F<3K Su|C|De Podcast aims to break this dilemma and give listeners a way to feel there is a way out of the darkness. 

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The Naked Professors

TV presenter & mental health ambassador Matt Johnson sits alongside life coach & writer Ben Bidwell to bring you open & relatable conversations about mental health, mindset & personal growth. The Naked Professors represent the new breed of masculinity by stripping things back to have deep & vulnerable discussions about what's most important in life and how we actually feel.

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Luke Ambler: I Am. I Have.

Mental Health Advocate and Founder of Andy’s Man Club, Luke Ambler, shares the importance of being real, raw and always asking ‘what next’? rather than ‘why me? Award-winning mental health advocate and motivational speaker Luke Ambler joined Happiful and Counselling Directory’s podcast to share his thoughts on fatherhood, keeping it real and raw, and growing from past experiences. Luke discusses the positive impact his children have on his outlook, the importance of trying to find balance, putting them first and being present. 

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Lifeline – Holding On To Hope

Holding onto Hope is a podcast series from Lifeline Australia, in which people who have come through the darkness of suicidality share the connection that gave them hope to continue living. Each participant shares their story with the aim of helping those who are struggling and those who may be supporting them.


The Mental Health Connection

Tristan Simmon's podcasts discusses all things mental health as he shares his journey with mental illness. Its completely raw and unscripted so you get a true insight into mental illness and along the way 


The Two Wolves Podcast

Robbie Hardy explores parallels between physical and mental health from a realistic, practical perspective.

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Mr Feels Podcast

Mr Feels is a podcast dedicated to opening up a conversation about mental health. Hosts Tyler May and Laura Benson share personal experiences and interview guests in an effort to erase the stigma surrounding mental health. Their goal is to educate listeners about mental health practices, share unique perspectives by amplifying quieted voices, destigmatize mental illness, spread empathy for others, and to make those who can relate feel a little less alone.


Centre for Rural and Remote Health Australia "Let's Talk" Podcasts

The ‘Let’s Talk’ podcast series is produced by journalist Kia Handley and is all about mental health issues in rural and regional Australia. In this series we’ll explore some of the big issues and incredible initiatives saving peoples’ lives. Hear from people who have battled with their mental health, who have been through tragedy and have come out of the other side and also from some of the people who have helped them on their journey.


The Black Dog Institute Being Well Podcast Series

Our podcasts each tackle an important mental health topic and provide insight and expert knowledge from and for health professionals.


Jason Fox - Wild Tales

Jason Fox, former Special Forces sergeant and one of the stars of Channel 4’s SAS: ‘Who Dares Wins’ who recently won acclaim for his documentary, ‘Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos’ as well as his best-selling book ‘Battle Scars’ which lifted the lid on mental health and soldiering. His new ‘Wild Tales’ podcast is all about meeting people who have incredible stories to tell about mental and physical resilience. It’s about adventure, determination and mindset, and the triumph of the human spirit over the elements or their own demons.

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