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How you can breakthrough bullsh*t in your life, rediscover your confidence, courage and resilience to be who you truly are, follow your dreams and live your life purpose to the fullest.

BROS! Watch this 13-minute Masterclass video to see how I can help you as a life coach and mentor to start turning your life around. Many of us blokes often get bogged down by issues around self-esteem, confidence, life purpose, dealing with expectations from family and bosses, workplace stress and bullying, mental health challenges and depression, and a whole lot of other bullshit in your life. Let me coach you and support you on how to:

  • Get Your Sh*t Together, so you can have a strong head start by clearing out the clutter in your life, change your mindset and establish strong and achievable goals

  • Soften The F*ck Up, so you can truly overcome your fears and barriers, and learn to embrace and express your emotions, thoughts and feelings confidently as a bloke

  • Give A F*ck about everything that really matters to you, and to develop a strong support system around you so you have a strong foundation to stand on and thrive in your life

  • Be Unf*cked and Alive, so you can really start to live confidently in the moment, thrive in your journey and take charge of your life and set yourself free!

Spaces are strictly limited.


You were born with a life purpose, Bro.

But somewhere along the way, things just got too bloody hard.

Now is the time to sort your shit out, get up, get real, and GET GOING!

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Despite all my personal achievements in life - both in academics and career, I was very lost, frustrated, alone and depressed. I was at the brink of giving up on life.


However, it took a life tragedy to significantly shift my mindset - to give myself permission to accept what I was going through, and to find the courage and resilience to  to reframe my reality, and to live life positively. 


I made a decision to consolidate my outreach and coaching experience in working with men in diverse communities struggling with physical, sexual and mental health challenges over the past 16 years, with several personal development teachings from leading self-help professionals - their videos, books, programs - and have distilled the best methods which WORKED for me, because I  held myself ACCOUNTABLE TO MY LIFE AND WHAT I DESERVE.

Now, I am putting my passion and experience forward

to help YOU BROS.

I had to come face to face with my struggles, and I had to dedicate myself to living life with courage and resilience.

The greatest reward for me is to help blokes like you by sharing with you the best tools to deal with life challenges,

and to build your inner courage and resilience.

That's my purpose and commitment to you.

I have known you as a life coach for over 8 years. You are really passionate and about helping blokes get over their issues by guiding them to confront their issues head-on.

You've been very mindful of my internal struggles, and have given me effective tools to manage my paranoia and fears, and to set achievable goals for myself.


I find the most effective aspect of your coaching and mentorship is you actually held me accountable by checking in with me in between sessions, and making sure I stay on track. That's what made the difference, and no other coaches I know of actually do this!

BRO Doug MacLean

You have assisted me in breaking down and separating each barrier and obstacle, and guiding me through them until the negative belief system no longer existed. I was able to reach my full potential because the future suddenly became clear and free of any obstacles.


You have left me with the sacred blueprints of esoteric instructions of which I will always have now. You helped me rebuild my character and resilience. The one-on-one work we did freed me from self sabotage and I'm living my life again. For that, I am very grateful!

BRO Troy Peverall


I've been through a lot mentally, yet you have pulled me out, made me love myself and everything around me. You have always taken your personal time to ask how a fellow bro like me is going, and to make sure I am doing well and still following my goals. That to me is the difference between a mentor and someone you just sit in a room with, and who just listens to you.


You have made me grow in so many ways I can't express. If it was not for you, I would be down a different path. Now I am on track. I'm positive because I have goals, routine and most of all, a life to look forward to.

BRO Krzys Stewart

Bro Simon, thank you for being such an encouragement to me. I have been struggling with many problems mentally and you have showed me how to take them down. You changed my perspective of dealing with my struggles and now I face new challenges with more control over the circumstances and have definitely changed my attitude towards life in a good way. I really admire what you do and the effort you put in to help the people in need. Cheers!

BRO Samuel Voon

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Time to take action and turn your life around Bro.

Make an online booking to have a free Bro-chat with me and we can discuss how my program can help you.

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