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No male-specific mental health services available.



National emergency number(s): 112

Centrum Ter Preventie Van Zelfdoding 
Phone: 1813

Someone is waiting for you at the Suicide Line1813. The service is 24/7. Every conversation is anonymous and free.

Community Help Service (24 Hour service)
Hotline: +32 (0) 2 648 40 14

Community Help Service (CHS) is a non-profit organisation established in 1971 as a resource for the English-speaking expatriate population of Belgium. Since then it has developed its telephone Helpline, its Mental Health Centre and its Educational Testing Services to encompass the many different expatriate communities in Belgium who find it easier to use English rather than one of the official languages of Belgium. Since CHS has been in existence it has built up an expertise, second to none, in providing solutions, through therapeutic support, to the range of difficulties encountered by the people who turn to it in times of stress.

Hotline: 108

Telephone help is a special form of life help. It has existed in the German-speaking community since 1989. It received its emergency number 108 in 1994. If you have a problem, are depressed or stressed, feel alone and lonely, seek emotional support or an open ear, then the employees are available to everyone regardless of their view of life and belief around the clock, at any time of the day or night. The approximately 40 volunteers are subject to strict anonymity and absolute confidentiality. They are not specialists and do not want to replace counseling centres, but rather draw people who are looking for help to these specialists and institutions. The employees consider it their duty to take all callers seriously in their respective situation, to assist them in the event of a crisis and to respect their anonymity. The offer consists of listening and clarifying, encouraging, supporting and leading to your own decision.

Federatie van Tele-Onthaaldiensten
Hotline: Tel: 106

Are you looking for a way out? Talking helps! Every conversation is anonymous and free, and is 24/7.

Centre de Prévention de Suicide
Hotline: 1813 (24/7)

The Center for Prevention of Suicide is a non-profit organization with the basic objective of preventing suicide. We have been doing this since 1979. The CPZ works from three services that are interconnected and complement each other. The Suicide Line 1813, the Training Service and the Study Service. Since 2013, the portal is the central gateway for anyone looking for information or assistance. All services and products of the CPZ are also accessible via

Emergency Psychiatric Care

In an emergency where you require immediate access to psychiatric help and live in the Brussels/Leuven area, the following university hospitals have a 24-hour psychiatrist on call (psychiatre de garde). The telephone numbers given are the hospitals’ emergency numbers.

Erasmus hospital (Hôpital Erasme)

Route de Lennik 808, 1070 ANDERLECHT

Tel: 02 555 34 01 ; 02 555 34 02 ; 02 555 34 05

Clinique St Jean – Botanique

Blvd du Jardin Botanique 32, 1000 BRUSSELS

Tel: 02 221 91 00

Clinique St Jean – Méridien

Rue du Méridien 1000, 1210 SAINT-JOSSE

Tel: 02 221 99 02

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