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Limited male-specific mental health services available.

There are several services available for people who are struggling with mental health. Unfortunately, there are not many specifically for men. However, there is a complete list of depression and suicide prevention phone-lines across Canada by province, city and neighbourhood here: Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. Please remember that if you are in a serious case of emergency with suicidal thoughts, please contact 911 or the Crisis Services Canada: 1 833 456 4566 (24/7 service).


EMERGENCY: 911 (24 hours 7 days a week)

Crisis Services Canada

Tel: 1 833 456 4566 / Text  45645

A nationwide suicide prevention and support network.

For a complete list of phone lines across Canada by province, city and neighbourhood, visit: Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.



British Columbia




Newfoundland and Labrador


New Brunswick


Northwest Territories


Nova Scotia








Prince Edward Island





Distress Centres Ontario 

Distress Centres (DC’s) across Ontario offer support and a variety of services to their communities. At a DC you can find a listening ear for lonely, depressed, and/or suicidal people, usually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Many centres also have Suicide Survivor programs, support services for youth, telephone call out programs for seniors and vulnerable people, mental health Crisis Lines services and much more.


For a list of Distress Centres Ontario, visit:

Suicide Action Montreal

Lifeline number: 1 866 277-3553

In distress, anxious, bereaved; we are present, here and now, 24/7.

Chimo Helpline Inc.
Hotline: Fredericton Area: 450 4357
Hotline: Toll free provincial helpline: 1-800-667-5005

Live chats daily from 5pm to 12am.

Distress Line of Southwestern Alberta (Canada) 
Hotline: 403 327 7905 or toll free 1-888-787-2880
24 Hour service


Heads Up Guys*

HeadsUpGuys is a resource for supporting men in their fight against depression by providing tips, tools, information about professional services, and stories of success. The team of clinicians, researchers, and mental health advocates bring together their expertise and personal experiences to provide you with this unique resource, HeadsUpGuys. HeadsUpGuys is based at The University of British Columbia (UBC) and is funded through donations from the public, including the generous support of The King of Floors and The Newell Family. Check their website out:

Depression Hurts

We are a charitable organisation that offers resources and guides in order to provide the very best information to assist you and your family understand and manage your depression.

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