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No male-specific mental health services available.

(Note: There is limited mental health support services in Poland, with a list of therapists available. If you are in an emergency, please contact 112 and ask for the nearest hospital emergency department.)



National emergency number: 112

Olsztynski Telefon Zaufania 'Anonimowy Przyjaciel (OTZ Olsztyn Helpline - Anonymous Friend)

Hotline: 89 19288 or 89 527 00 00

Mental Health Center in Słupsk

Mental Health Clinic for Adults and Mental Health Clinic for Children and Youth
Tel: 59 83-22-576

Psychiatric Hospital Health Care Center

Tel: (32) 233 41 12

The aim of the hospital is to provide health services and promote health in a professional, conscientious and patient-friendly manner, maintaining service quality standards and performing tasks in accordance with current medical knowledge and professional ethics.

Psychotherapy and psychological services in Warsaw

Phone+48 22 350 67 35

The center’s therapists work within the framework of Process Work (Process Oriented Psychology) – a cutting edge method of psychotherapy and conflict facilitation that over the last forty years has gained increasing recognition worldwide. With its psychodynamic roots, innovative use of communication theories and deep respect for individual experience, it has many applications: individual (short- and long-term) therapy, relationship counseling (couples therapy) and group facilitation and conflict resolution.


Our therapists have been studying at the postgraduate program for psychotherapists at the Institute of Process Work in Warsaw for many years and in the course of their training they have become certified to work with individual clients and groups under supervision. They work in Polish and in English and are experienced in helping people from different countries and backgrounds, including mixed nationality couples. They obey the Code of Ethics of the Polish Association of Process Oriented Psychology Psychotherapists and Coaches and regularly supervise all their work.


The practice is located in the very center of Warsaw.

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