No male-specific mental health services available.

(Note: There are some mental health support services in Portugal. If you are in an emergency, please contact 112 and ask for the nearest hospital emergency department.)



National emergency number: 112

Voz de Apoio (The Voice of Support)
otline: (+351) 225 50 60 70

The Voice of Support provides free emotional support, of a punctual, anonymous and confidential nature, without judgment. If you are concerned about something, don't keep it to yourself. When you need to talk to someone, when you are lonely, when you are in trouble, when you are suffering, or when you are thinking about suicide, connect to the Voice of Support. You do not need to identify yourself and everything you say is kept secret.


If you feel sad, confused, or if you just need to talk to someone, someone with time, with availability, we are available for you. We serve by phone, chat, face to face, e-mail and letter. Choose the way you feel most comfortable and talk to us.


Sos Voz Amiga

Tel: 213 544 545 - 912 802 669 - 963 524 660 / Daily from 4pm to midnight

Free Green Line callers can call 800 209 899 from 9pm to 12am.

SOS VOZ AMIGA is an emotional support line that is available to help all those who are in situations of suffering caused by loneliness, anxiety, depression or risk of suicide. If you need:

  • Speak anonymously with an unknown person;

  • Report situations of personal suffering, without moral, sexual, religious or political constraints;

  • Talk to someone who is interested in your problems and anxieties.

This is a prevention line made up of a specialized team and always available to listen to you through respect and understanding. It is a space guided by commitment and confidentiality and where you will find voices sensitized to share your doubts or difficulties.


Linha SOS-Estudante

Tel: 915 246 060, 969 554 545, 239 484 020
SOS Estudante provides anonymous, confidential support every day from 8pm to 1am


Telefone SOS Palavra Amiga 
Hotline: (232) 42 42 82 

Telefone da Amizade Porto 
Hotline: 22 832 35 35



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BROS GLOBAL acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we are established.

BROS GLOBAL recognises diverse communities who, through their lived experiences, help to guide our research, resources and training development for men's mental health, wellbeing and personal development.

BROS GLOBAL respectfully acknowledges those who have died or have been affected by suicide or intentional self-harm. We are committed to ensuring our work continues to inform improvements in both community awareness and prevention of suicide and self-harm.

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