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No male-specific mental health services available.

(Note: Unfortunately, there are no specific men's mental health support services in Singapore. Please consult with your GP for a referral to see a male counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist if that is more comfortable for you.)

MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT (Visit Singapore's Health Hub - MindSG for broader mental health information.)


Tel: 999 (24 hours 7 days a week)

In an emergency (suicide threat, ambulance, police support) call 999 or visit your local emergency department.​

Institute of Mental Health (IMH) Helpline

Tel: +65 6389 2222  (24 hours 7 days a week)

Provides counselling for those suffering from psychological and psychiatric problems. 


Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) Hotline

Tel: 1800 221 4444  (24 hours 7 days a week)

Provides counselling for anyone in crisis and persons with suicidal tendencies, thinking of suicide or affected by suicide. 


Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH)

Tel: 1800 283 7019  (Mon – Fri: 9am - 6pm; After-hours by SOS) 

Provides counseling for people who have psychological, psychiatric or social problems and others who need information for such persons. 

Institute of Mental Health : Clinic B

Tel: +65 6389 2000

Clinic B provides psychiatry services to subsidised patients. Besides the general psychiatry clinic and the 24-hour emergency psychiatric services available at the Emergency Department, we have specialised consultation clinics for :

  • Anxiety and depression 

  • Sleep disorders 

  • Addiction and substance abuse 

  • Psychological and psychiatric disorders in the elderly 

  • Emotional and behavioural problems in adolescents and children 


Lifeline National University Singapore (NUS)

Tel: +65 6516 7777  (24 hours 7 days a week)

Provides counselling and psychological services in the event of a life-threatening psychological emergency for NUS students, staff and their family and friends.  


SAGE Helpline for Seniors

Tel: +65 1800 555 5555 (Mon – Fri: 9am - 7pm; Sat: 9am - 1pm)

Provides counselling to enhance the total well-being of the older persons and their caregivers with a special focus on the psychological and social aspects of their health. 


The Tapestry Project Singapore

The Tapestry Project SG is an independent, not-for-profit mental health movement that champions mental health recovery through the power of story. Our stories are written by, and for persons who are touched by the realities of mental health challenges.



Beyond the Label

Beyond The Label is a campaign by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to  address stigma faced by persons with mental health conditions in society. According to the Singapore Mental Health Study 2010, one in eight adults have experienced a mental health condition in their lifetime. Of those, about four in five do not seek help due to stigma and low mental health literacy.




Tel: +65 6899 3463 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Club HEAL (Hope, Empowerment, Acceptance & Love) aims to assist and empower persons with mental health issues to regain confidence in themselves and others in their journey towards community reintegration. We provide psycho-education and supportive counselling to persons with mental health issues and their families at our Mental Wellness Centres. We also provide outreach programs to them and the general public. While Club HEAL caters to the needs of Muslims, we welcome all persons with mental illness, regardless of race or religion.

Silver Ribbon Singapore

Tel: (65) 6386 1928 (9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday excluding public holidays)

We are a non-profit organization launched by Former President Nathan on 4 February 2006 to combat mental health stigma and encourage early treatment. We provide basic counselling service at the below branches via appointment. All discussion topics would be kept confidential. For urgent cases, please seek help from the Institute of Mental Health or other hospitals. To learn more about mental health issues email us at on any enquiries.

Care Corner Singapore Counselling Hotline

Tel: 1800 3535 800 (10am to 10pm)

Our centre achieves its mission of instilling hope and building resilience in individuals, couples and families through the provision of highly subsidised counselling services and groupwork to those affected by intra and interpersonal challenges and functioning. We are committed to a high quality of care and professional service as we seek to promote the well-being of individuals and families.

The Hotline counselling service has been established for over 30 years with trained volunteer hotline counsellors serving generations of Mandarin-speaking service users over the years. The hotline operates from 10am to 10pm throughout the year except on public holidays. It is designed as a source of support for individuals who struggle with mental health problems or distressing family situations. The hotline offers timely support in providing direct access to those receiving help without the need to travel.

Community Psychogeriatric Programme (CPGP) by Changi General Hospital

Tel: +65 6850 1840 / +65 6850 1841 (Mon – Fri: 8.30am - 6pm)

Provides information and referral services for residents living within Northeast and Southeast CDC districts. 


Ministry of Social and Family Development: Family Service Centre Helpline

Tel: 1800 222 0000 (24 hours)

Provides assistance to the public by directing to the appropriate agency and links all FSCs for the public to access. Operates in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. 

Peer Depression Support Group - You Are Not Alone

We are a peer support group for depression and other mental health issues. We average about 15 people per meeting at our weekly session at our premises in Novena Square 2. 

Website to join:

Alliance Counselling (Men's therapy is available)

Tel: +65 6466 8120

Alliance Counselling is a team of multilingual counsellors and psychologists. We provide empathetic professional support and guidance to men, women, couples, children, teenagers and families. Alliance also offers educational institutions partnering, clinical supervision, corporate workshops and psychological assessments. 

Based in Singapore since 2009, our clients trust our professional therapists who take a genuine interest in their clients’ concerns. We provide our clients with the tools and skills to cope with life’s challenges in each stage of their life. Alliance Counselling has supported clients from more than 60 different cultures. We speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Singapore Association for Counselling

Tel: +65 6708-8292 

The Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) is the professional body representing counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling educators and students in Singapore. SAC has come a long way – from a small group, we have now grown to over 800 members, with members from both the public and private counselling sectors.

SACAC Counselling

Tel: +65 6733 9249 

We provide counselling and psychotherapy support to individuals (from preschool children to adults), couples and families, using a range of modalities, to help them cope with their challenges. We also offer a very wide range of psychometric and personality assessments for both children and adults.


We have a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals with varied expertise, including clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, counsellors and social workers. The team is multi-cultural and speaks English, French, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Bahasa, Hindi and Mandarin.

Movember Foundation -  Singapore*

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. The Movember Foundation runs the global Movember charity event, housed at The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health." By encouraging men (whom the charity refers to as "Mo Bros") to get involved, Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments, and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths. Besides annual check-ups, the Movember Foundation encourages men to find ways to take care of our mental health, and to check in with one another in order to reduce the rate of suicide in men. Visit the link to Singapore’s Movember page to access vital information on these three key topics affecting men’s health today:



National Addictions Management Service (NAMS)

All Addictions Helpline: 6-RECOVER (6-7326837)
National Problem Gambling Helpline: 1800 6 668 668

The National Addictions Management Service (NAMS) was set up at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in 2008 with the support of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to provide treatment for people with addictions. At NAMS, we provide treatment and support for addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, gaming and others.

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