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No male-specific mental health services available.

(Note: There are some mental health support services in Sweden, with one service supporting chats with men (Killfrå If you are in an emergency, please contact 999 and ask for the nearest hospital emergency department.)



National emergency number: 112


Självmordslinjen (Suicide prevention hotline)

Helpline: Call 90101

The suicide line is run by the non-profit Association Mind, which works for mental health. Those who feel that you do not want to live anymore or have any relatives you are worried about can call or chat anonymously. Those who respond are volunteers who have received training and guidance to provide human support.

National Helpline

Phone: 020-22 00 60

Psychological help if you are in a mental crisis or some other difficult situation. You can call for your own sake or if you are worried about someone else. You may remain anonymous and it does not cost anything to call. (On-duty fellow)

Phone: 08-702 16 80

Sometimes you need to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings with someone who listens. For those who seek human support at night. 


Guy Questions (Killfrå*

Killfrå is a national support chat online, and is run by the organization MEN. We want to empower guys to seek support, talk about emotions and think and act more equally. We listen to stories, and talk about things that affect the lives of guys in different ways. By having safe rooms where guys can talk and seek support, we want to prevent violence, and ill-health in themselves. It is not uncommon to feel ill from time to time and then have to seek support in their surroundings. Admitting to yourself that you are feeling ill is often a first step to feeling better. There is always help in getting whatever problems you have and to what extent you feel bad. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 7pm and 9pm.

Church SOS

Phone: 031-80 06 50

Sharing the difficult with someone makes a difference. You can contact the emergency telephone or SOS mailbox anonymously. Those who respond are ordinary fellow human beings who have a duty of secrecy and are trained to provide emotional support in difficult situations. Confidentiality means that what you say or write must not be told to anyone else. 


Phone: 08-512 56 040

Lifeline is a non-profit Christian calling line where you can share your thoughts, feelings and thoughts anonymously about life and its meaning with a fellow listener. Respondents received training in call support. 

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