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Brothers Reaching Out in Solidarity

Bro, you may have ended up here because you are curious about what this group can do for you. Congratulations on taking this first step.

BROS GLOBAL Closed Group is space for you to share some of your more personal journeys with depression, suicide, or even just everyday challenges you face in life. Some of you guys struggle with your marriage, with your job, with alcohol and drugs, with self-confidence and self-esteem issues, letting go of past hurts and with other stresses that do not discriminate.

Perhaps you just want a sounding board with other fellas around the globe -  and to know that you are never alone.


As a life coach for men, I offer this space for you guys, not only to share what's on your mind, but also to find the courage and resilience to make the decision to develop yourself personally, to find a set of life tools that can benefit you, and which is easy to use - as long as you are ready, willing and able to change.

As a Welcome Gift, I am giving you my Sort Your Shit Out Checklist to help you on your way to decluttering the shit in your life. Click on the link to subscribe to my Bros Updates, and you will receive a welcome email with a direct link to download the Checklist. :-)

Welcome Bro.

Cheers, Simon

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