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No male-specific mental health services available.

(Note: There are some mental health support services in Norway. If you are in an emergency, please contact 113 and ask for the nearest hospital emergency department.)



National emergency number (ambulance): 113 / (police) 112

Norway Suicide Hotline: +4781533300

Download the Mental healthcare in Norway: A guide to services available to persons with mental health problems.

Mental Helse

Tel: 116 123

Mental Helse does also provide an online mail service at where users can write messages anonymously and get answers within 48-hours. A chat-service is also provided. It is open Mondays from 19.00 - 22.00 and Wednesdays: from 19.00 - 22.00. The chat-services may not always be open in July and on public celebration days or Sundays.

Mental Health Helpline

Tel: 810 30 030

Do you need someone to talk to? The Mental Health Helpline is available 24 hours a day, year round. The helpline allows you to talk with people who can listen and provide support and comfort when you need it. The helpline is independent and does not represent the Norwegian authorities. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Mental Health Helpline 810 30 030 (6 kroner per half-hour) If you do not wish to talk on the telephone, you can write to Mental Health’s Internet service via and get answers to any questions you may have. Remember: Nothing is too small or too big if it is important to you.

Kirkens SOS (The Church SOS)

Tel: 22 40 00 40 (24/7) 

The Church's SOS is the nation's largest 24-hour crisis service on the telephone and the Internet. With us there is always someone who receives calls, every single day, both night and day, even during holidays and holidays. We want to promote the courage and hope of those who are in emotional or existential crisis - and are at the same time a suicide prevention low threshold . The line is free to call and confidential. The Church's SOS includes 11 SOS centers around the country and the National Secretariat in Oslo.


Kirkens SOS Nord-Hålogaland 

Kirkens SOS Tunsberg

Hotline:  990 84 320

Mobile: 990 84 320

Kirkens SOS Borg

Hotline:  69 100 500

Mobile: 414 07 550

Kirkens SOS i More og Romsdal 

Hotline:  70 10 09 92 

Mobile: 480 68 328 

Kirkens SOS i Bjorgvin 

Hotline:  55 32 58 45

Kirkens SOS i Agder 
Hotline: 38 12 74 60

Kirkens SOS i Hedmark og Oppland 
Hotline: 61 26 95 11

Kirkens SOS i Oslo 
Hotline:  995 94 187

Mobile:  913 24 841

Kirkens SOS I Telemark 

Hotline:  35 58 78 00

Mobile: 900 59 297


Kirkens SOS i Rogaland 
Hotline: 971 70 995

Kirkens SOS i Nord-Halogaland 
Hotline:  73 80 55 20 (City Mission)

Mobile: 92 03 45 48 (Church SOS)

Kirkens SOS i Trondelag 
Hotline:  73 80 55 20 (City Mission)
Mobile: 92 03 45 48 (Church SOS)

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